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Brain Integration Therapist


Wholistic Health Expert

Welcome to Original Design Connections 

The World of Brain Integration Therapy and Wholistic Health. 

My name is Jaynee Hodgkins and I am a Registered Nurse who has been practicing Wholistic Medicine since 1985.

I have had almost two decades of experience walking alongside individuals, families and organizations using

neurobiological and neurospiritual principles. That experience has proven over and over that the wisdom of the body can bring about lasting change. I use a combination of neurobiological and neurospiritual principles to forge a path back to

who you were originally designed to be, your truest self; before trauma and life detoured your

mind, body and spirit. It has been my gift to see thousands of individuals experience the joy and peace of living a life synchronized and connected to themselves, their relationships, and their spirituality.

When my twins were five years old, they were able to experience the profound effects of Brain Integration Therapy. This changed their trajectory in school, relationships, behavior, self-expression, and emotional grounding. As I researched on my own and found that Brain Integration Therapy costs between $10,000-$20,000 nationwide, I quickly realized that this would be impossible for many families - especially ones that are accruing extra costs in other therapies for themselves or children with learning, behavioral or trauma issues.  After I  completed the process of becoming a Brain Integration Therapist I wanted to make sure this was available to more people, and created a pricing structure that made that possible. 18 years later I know that everyone benefits from Brain Integration Therapy, even if they are a great student and/or athlete.  BIT helps with emotional, behavioral and spiritual balance as well as sensory integration. The majority of my clients are highly sensitive, intelligent people and I love helping them learn more about how to use these gifts and how to offset their challenges.  Wherever the baseline is, BIT raises that bar expansively in all mental - emotional - physical arenas. 

Neuroscientists, Biologists and Neurotheologians are in agreement that integration and connection

are what lead us to healing - not just talking or learning about healing. Armed with that information, it's easy to recognize that areas we have identified as "stuck" may just be neurological connections that are either disconnected or misconnected. But what if Brain Integration Therapy (BIT), the process of connecting and reconnecting alliances in the brain, is the foundation that facilitates the other modalities, treatments and spiritual practices you have been using for years to finally take root? What if having Brain Integration Therapy could harness all the other hard inner work you've done and allow it to gain the necessary traction for  heart-soul-mind-body-spirit healing? This transforms your relationships on every level and calls you home to who you were originally designed to be. 

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Through Brain Integration Therapy work, combined with HeartSync emotional healing work, I believe my brain and heart have experienced healing I didn't think was possible. This healing is to a point where I don’t have to work so hard on daily activities and can start thriving again in my life. My daughter has gone through 10 sessions with Jaynee and has shown beautiful growth, and now my husband is in the process with my son soon to follow. I became such a believer in this cognitive/emotional therapy that I am now interested in learning how to do it myself and possibly start practicing it on others to help them improve their lives too.

Thank you, Jaynee Hodgkins, for the wisdom and discernment to understand the power of this work. You have changed my life.

B. Johnson, Client

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