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Jaynee Hodgkins Brain Integratin Specialist

 About Me

My name is Jaynee Hodgkins, and I'm a Registered Nurse who holds a wholistic, embodied view of medicine and the human body.  I have been using neurobiology in my practice for 18 years while providing Brain Integration Therapy for clients ages 3 to 90. In that time my practice has expanded exponentially. Recognizing the comprehensive needs in total body healing, I set out to find more modalities that link up the mind-body-heart-soul-spirit connection. I found Trust Based Non-Clinical Interventions founded on outcome based research that help parents and teachers become empowered with tools like sensory diets, attunement/connecting, and corrections for kids from hard places. I discovered and was trained in the Faster EFT method of working with families and individuals processing attachment triggers and trauma. I built on that further in learning the inner healing work of HeartSync and am now a Qualified Heart Sync Facilitator. In 2022, I got Enneagram Internal Profile (EIP) endorsed and certified. EIP makes the Enneagram more accessible and helps my clients better understand their motivation so they can maintain a healthier growth path. It brings them to deeper levels of personal awareness and helps them cooperate with their Higher Power for transformation.  It has been my great joy to partner with clients in the areas of ADD, Dyslexia, writing difficulties, spiritual, relational and emotional issues. I've also had the honor of doing transformational trauma work with kids holding abuse backgrounds, attachment disorders,  and navigating foster care and adoption journeys. Adoptions are held close to my heart, as are all children, and I have had the opportunity to take these different modalities to Uganda to provide Brain Training and trauma work for various orphanages and communities.  I also have a love for training and mentoring for parents, teachers and clinicians on how to "shore up" the brain and help students live into their unique brilliance. I am a certified TBRI Practitioner trained by the Karyn Purvis Institute of Child Development Center at TCU, and will be a lifelong learner in search of healing practices. 

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