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HeartSync creates a framework that brings together the universal core aspects of the heart - Original Self, Emotion, Function, and Guardians - in a way that produces emotional healing within the deepest levels of mind, body, soul, and spirit. This journey is transformational in that it creates space to identify and hear greater truths within and outside of ourselves. By naming the protective shields that have served us in our lives, we embrace their purpose, examine their impact and discern how to weave them into our future story.

HeartSync is a whole hearted modality that allows you to get to know every part of your heart, including young wounded parts.  These young wounded parts of your heart bring resistance and disconnect from self, relationships and goals.  By bringing the heart to a place of connection, we “speak” to these parts and get to know them in a way that brings synchronization and integration of emotions and memories.  We know from NeuroBiology and NeuroSpirituality, that transformation happens when we “experience” something rather than when we read or hear about it or just talk about it.  HeartSync sessions allow this experience that shapes new beliefs and narratives after experiencing safety and connection with our own heart, someone else, and God/Higher Power.  

Initial sessions include educating the left brain, the right brain, and the protective Amygdala (the part of us that scans for what is good, bad or scary) on the process.  Initial sessions build capacity to go deeper and expand how much we know about the uncharted waters of our heart.  Sessions include teaching you a daily maintenance plan of meeting daily with these young parts along with God or what we call God.   During sessions, I facilitate your heart and guide you in this process.  As sessions progress, your brain will literally change and your capacity to hold new narratives will increase.  You will also develop more capacity to experience joy and peace and your nervous system will begin to default to more restful settings.  Increased emotional capacity then increases the depths of our relationships and our ability to be curious and attuned to others and ourselves.  We learn how to stay out of protective enemy mode with ourselves and others and God.  I have personally experienced and witnessed others transform and have more capacity for joy and peace in their lives. It was with this real world experience that I moved forward to become a Qualified Heart Sync Facilitator in order to bear witness to greater healing in the lives of the individuals I have the privilege of working with.



Instead of reasoning to the logic of a person’s head—trying to find the problem and convince the mind to change over years of counseling—HeartSync goes immediately to the heart of the issue, bringing an experience of healing that’s both powerful and life-changing. 

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