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What is
Brain Integration

Otherwise known as "BIT"

Brain Integration is based on research that started in the 50's by medical doctors looking to find out how the brain "learned" activities so that they could help stroke and head injury patients. They discovered that babies "plugged in" reading/writing/processing/hand-eye coordination by crawling and some common physical movements. Research showed that when babies skipped steps like crawling, it affected their reading, writing etc. There are other factors that can also cause these functions to disconnect: premature birth, traumatic birth, trauma, head injuries, chronic use of antibiotics, yeast, thyroid issues (usually adults), starting school very early for  boys, as well as others. Sometimes what is perceived as visual or hearing issues are actually not structural, but a processing/wiring issue where those processes were never connected. Like a lamp with an  cord, these"issues" are just wires waiting to be plugged in.

Brain Integration Therapy

Brain Integration Therapy creates the opportunity to return to who you were designed to be by using body movement to rewire the brain. This process marries together how you are wired with these newly made connections and rewired older pathways. Brain Integration Therapy's 64-point program goes deep within the brain to make permanent changes in the way the body learns and experiences the world. This system serves to bring  about greater balance, efficiency and joy in how you learn and experience your story.

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