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Release / Consent to Treat

Brain Integration Therapy and/or EFT Tapping




Brain Integration Repatterning helps the right and left brain to work together more fully. Each repatterning session will have a specific goal, related to changing a learned pattern of behavior, that is keeping the student from functioning to his or her full potential. Repatterning has proven effective in minimizing or eliminating dyslexia, ADD handwriting and coordination problems associated with learning disabilities in most children, teens and adults. 

Brain Integration is a unique merging of Applied Kinesiology and learning theory. It is a synthesis of both ancient and modern disciplines. Applied Kinesiology is the study of muscles and the science of testing and balancing them to help the brain and body function harmoniously.   Repatterning uses information from “Muscle Testing” to alleviate imbalances in the way different parts of the brain and body work together.These techniques were developed over the last twenty plus years, and bring many fields of discipline to bear on the problems associated with learning disabilities of all kinds. 

FEFT is a methodology combining the most effective elements of NLP (Neuro-linguistic Programming), EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) BSFF (Be Set Free Fast), and Psychology. This technique addresses the mind/body system including what you think, how you process your thoughts and the body's response to those thoughts.  It is used to release stress, trauma and negative self-defeating patterns of behavior and is highly effective, can working fast to give you control over your past, present and future restoring balance, emotional and physical health.


FEFT changes how the subconscious mind encodes, processes and reproduces events from the past. We are not just releasing emotions from our experiences, but actually changing the way we hold the experience. By identifying the memories that drive the behavior, we release them by tapping on meridians that send messages to our body until everything has changed. (FEFT Description Credit: Cheryl Keates)



Brain Integration Repatterning is intended for educational purposes. I understand that I am participating in Brain Integration Repatterning as a student of Jaynee Hodgkins. I understand that I am in total charge of my experience and that if anything should feel unsuitable, I am free to say so. I am free to ask questions about anything being done. I agree to the physical contact required to perform Applied Kinesiology, and the use of the Accuspark during my sessions. I agree that by entering the property and residence of Jaynee Hodgkins, and/or allowing the BIT sessions inclusive of Applied Kinesiology and the Accuspark tool in an off site environment, I am doing so of my own volition. I agree that by engaging in Brain Integration Therapy and/or EFT and/or healing work with Jaynee Hodgkins, neither she nor Mark Hodgkins will be held legally responsible for any personal injuries incurred; this is inclusive of falling, slipping, tripping, hitting, bumping or in any other way incurring personal injury either onsite at their residence or at any off site location while engaged in the Brain Integration Therapy or FEFT process. 

Brain Integration Repatterning balances people to function in the world. I understand that for the best results, I must be an active participant. I know that goals will be clearly defined for each session and further, that I will be expected to practice at home exercises; which will be prescribed for me. Results are contingent upon my full participation. I have not willfully withheld information that might prevent a therapeutic outcome. FasterEFT (henceforth referred to as "FEFT") is not intended to diagnose, treat, prescribe, or cure any illnesses or disease, whether physical, emotional, mental, or of any other nature.


FEFT is not a guaranteed solution to any and all concerns and in no way claims to be. FEFT is not and shall not be construed as a prescription, promise, cure, or advice of any kind. Any information, instruction or suggestion offered by FEFT is not medical advice or a substitute for medical, professional or psychological diagnosis and care. Do not discontinue or modify any medication presently being taken without proper medical advice from your professional healthcare practitioner. FEFT is not responsible for any adverse effects. Recipient of FEFT takes complete responsibility for his/her own well-being on all levels and at all times. I understand that I am participating in these private sessions, so that I may better appreciate my own unique makeup. These sessions will help, to release learning blocks, and help, to change behaviors that have prevented me from achieving my goals in the past. I further understand and agree that NO MEDICAL DIAGNOSIS, PROGNOSIS OR TREATMENT expressed or implied in each private session; only the OPINION of my educational consultant is given. It is suggested that appropriate medical personnel should address medical problems. 


I understand that there is a “less-than-48 hours cancellation fee” if it is not an emergency.  If you need to cancel or reschedule you may text or call Jaynee at 303-883-6109 or email her at I understand there is a per person fee according to the website ( for each BIT session and Tapping/Inner Healing. I understand that all payments need to be paid at the time of service, and that a 2.5%/day charge will be added to the service total for every day (24 hours) payment is past due. I understand that in order to offer the best service and accountability, Jaynee participates in collaboration with another therapeutic professional but names and identifying details are kept confidential. This is not an emergency service. Questions will be answered via phone or email M-F from 8-5pm.

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